SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or the term formally known as SEO is the name given to the technique that helps your site appear at the top ranked sites of giant engines like Google and others. The simple meaning of this is that when any user is searching for certain keywords your SEO will make sure that you appear in the first pages of the search when the user hits ‘Enter’.

There are many processes involved in Search Engine Optimization but the first and most prominent is that of crawling. The first thing that every SEO individual should know is that the ranking of your site depends on your text, and not on your design, flash etc. these factors might matter at a later date but the first thing that a search engine’s crawler looks for is a site’s text, it looks for keywords, and depending on those keywords and text the site is ranked. It should also be kept in mind that the content or text of your site is to be refreshed and revised after every few days. If it has the same old content then the search engine is sure to ignore it. Let’s look at the importance of search engines and what they can do for you for the growth and prosperity of your business.

Good to Know

  • 42% of the searchers click the top link of the page. 8% click the 2nd link and the percentage drops as the sites go further below the page.

  • 62% of the search users click on the first page.

  • Daily use of search engines rose from 33% in 2002 to 59% in 2005. Google says that from March 2007 the percentage of users for the US was 64% while that of the UK was 77%.

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