The new era in App-Stores

Today’s App-Store Challenge

Today’s App-Stores are offering thousands of apps but practically just a small percentage of the top ones gain excessive exposure through the TOP LISTS.

App-Stores are challenged to find a better way to increase performance in terms of:

  • Traffic – getting users to their App-Store more often
  • Downloads – getting users to download more apps on continual basis
  • Usage – getting users to and enjoy more the apps they have downloaded

Once they have increased the above performance they will gain:

  • Higher revenues
  • Higher customers loyalty
  • More developers

What can be done?

Move away from today’s "one-size-fits-all" approach where all users get the same TOP LISTS. Instead find innovative ways how to tailor their app-stores to each user based on his personality, needs and preferences.

How Bees and Pollen Solution Can Be of Help?

Using Bees and Pollen platform, mobile operators can now have a fully automatic system that is capable to self-learn and optimize the list of apps featured to each user based on his Facebook profile and social activities.

Platform optimization – each user is optimized with the most relevant apps:

  • Fitness addict – gets nutrition, fitness and health apps at the TOP
  • Busy moms – gets utility apps to better manage and communicate her kids
  • Game addict – gets the newest games to keep an edge over his friends
  • Etc...

What is unique of Bees and Pollen Platform?

Bees and Pollen technology is the outcome of 4 years of development and research. It is the first turn-key solution to deliver fully-automatic, self-learning optimization that supports over 100 user social attributes in real-time!

More advantages:

  • Easy integration
  • No user history is needed
  • Open platform given as a licensed software (not SaaS)

Please contact us for more details.