iOS Application Development

The iOS platform is that operating system which has been specially designed for its ipad, iphone, ipod and other users; in short it was developed for providing their clients with hassle free software. Today the iOS has taken over the world with its applications ranking the highest among it competitors.

The iOS platform is very versatile and diverse due to the fact that it has to cater the needs of all of its customers who are scattered all over the universe. For this reason any application that is specific to the iOS has to first get the approval of the AppStore and be accepted there, otherwise the application would not be able to make the market. The iOS developer should make sure that his application is unique as the demand for applications is tremendous but the developers are huge and so it is becoming difficult to get ones work noticed. There are 3 main processes in developing any application in the iOS, these steps are as follows

  • Designing and development: This is clearly the first phase of any application. Here the application has to be designed and developed in a high tech manner which will ensure that it is up to the level of other applications run by Apple. Next this phase involves the compiling and coding of the application on multiple devices to check and to test and then retest its functionality.

  • ADHOC or testing: This is the phase where the completed application will not be tested on a platform as if it were downloaded from the AppStore directly. The main function of this phase is to take out any glitches or bugs that would have been overlooked when the application was being developed.

  • Distribution: This is where the developer is going to get the fruit of all the work and time that he had put in to developing the application. Distribution is that phase where your application will officially be dispatched to the AppStore, after which it would be easily accessible to the users.

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